• Peppertini

    Hi there, Hannah fans.

    ..seeing as Hannah is my only series and I cannot guess why anyone would go to my wikia otherwise.

    I....need your help.

    ....why, you ask? Well, here's the thing. This is a wikia. It's about all of the bad YouTube shows I've made and will create. I made the wikia, I made the show, and yeah.

    There's one of me. One. I have a life, and a lot of stuff to do, and I forget about this wikia more than I should.

    ....I've made 5 character pages, and they need to be updated. Badly. The tenth episode is to be released in the next year (explaining why in my next video) and uhm, if someone could help me with atleast updating the character overview/everything that happened to them in the series in small explainations things, I would be s…

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