Cast of hannah

A set of the first characters introduced in Hannah.

Hannah is the series created by Pepper Martini Productions and the very first one uploaded. It documents the life of young penguin Hannah White  who is abused by her father. She eventually escapes and so her life begins. Originally going to be a very long three parter, series creator Megan expanded it into a complete season.  It is unknown if there will be a second.


The series came to light when I, Megan, the creator of this wiki and the entire series,envisioned a young female pookie who had the Flouncy wig of all things, living in a poorly furnished igloo, and being abused/bossed around by her single father.Megan soon made the two characters, with Hannah's father originally being nameless. Those accounts were lost and remade, and the series was born.

Season One OverviewEdit

Ep # Title Description Airdate
1 Episode One Young pookie Hannah White has been abused almost all her life and dreams of a loving family. One day, her teacher Mrs. Pengu notices a bruise on her face and is concerned. Will Hannah ever be saved? November 25th, 2013.
2 Episode 2 Hannah arrives home from Kindergarten and is abused once more by her father. There, she makes a possibly foolish yet brave decision. Meanwhile, Trent and Mrs. Pengu meet at a nightclub. December 1st, 2013.
3 Episode 3 Hannah has a haunting dream about her deceased mother and wakes up to meet a boy pookie named Adam. After a brief arguement they become friends and he earns her trust. Meanwhile Mrs. Pengu (or Pepper) wakes up after a confusing night in Hannah's iggy, and finds some shocking evidence. December 7th, 2013.
4 Episode 4 Mrs. Pengu confronts Trent about the broken picture frame and Hannah's whereabouts, and quickly starts looking for her. Meanwhile, Adam and Hannah get to know each other and explore Club Penguin. (mostly) February 25th, 2014.
5 Episode 5 Hannah has a bit of a flashback in the shape of a dream, focusing on her past family life, revealing the presumed truth about her mother. February 27th, 2014
6 Episode 6 A mass island search party ensues, as many people are desperate to find Hannah. Meanwhile, she hides out at Adam's home, and tells him the truth about her father. They're discovered by Adam's mom a short time later. March 6th, 2014.
7 Episode 7 Hannah is taken into questioning by EPF, as they investigate her igloo and case. Two agent characters are introduced, as well as a plot twist. March 13th, 2014.
8 Episode 8 (Part One) Agent Trent and Agent Raegan delve deep into their investigation on Hannah's mother, and go undercover. Hannah makes herself at home at Adam's igloo. March 20th, 2014
9 Episode 8 (Part Two) TBA
10 Episode 9 TBA
11 Episode 10 Season finale. TBA