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Jenna's Story is a series that was planned to be uploaded under Pepper Martini Productions at one point in 2013, but currently resides in what we may call developement hell.


The idea for the series originally came alive in December 2012, back before there was any production company, and was filmed on what I assume was Hype Hotel. A whopping 3 parts were filmed, and the 4th part began filming, when the creator's computer tragically died..due to a ice tea accident. Inspiration was then lost, as well as the episode's, and the hope for a Summer 2013 debut (with the trailer being released a month earlier( was diminished. Magically, the series was brought back alive that May, and the two parter of episode one was filmed, and it was intended for the full season one to be filmed that summer, with a premiere in the fall, but the plans then again fell trhough. The series was then forgotten again, and it's fate is unknown.

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