Trent white

Trent in the first episode.

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Trent White is a main character in Hannah, and is the antagonist/villain of the series.

Character OverviewEdit





In his first appearance, Trent comes across as a very angry, hateful man. He is seen constantly screaming at his daughter, sentences constantly filled with profanity, and he also is extremely violent with her, attacking her more than once in one morning. Trent verbally, physically, and emotionally abuses his daughter, as well as forcing her to cook breakfast, despite her young age. Due to this, Trent can be seen as a aggressive, careless, heartless man. His aggression and hate towards his daughter may be influenced by his alcoholism, or, he's simply an awful human being. His non-caring for his daughter actually went so far, that he abandoned her in the igloo to go to the night club. He may feel insecure, or may not like himself as a person due to his alcohol problem, as he's quoted to saying 'I'm a drunk nobody, that's about it." in the second episode. Although when *spoiler alert* Hannah runs away, and Pepper threatens him about going to the EPF, he does show some regret,though he may have been upset over the fact he was gonna be arrested.


  • He has a bad tendency of forgetting Hannah's name, as he has called her Hatsie, Harriet, Hannibal, etc.
  • Of all of the characters in the series, he's easily the worst. What can I say??